General View, Napier
FGR 4574: Napier
FGR 3598: Napier
FGR 1873: Napier
'Gold Medal' 5022:  Clive Square, Napier  1908
F Duncan 'Tourist' 8033 :  Memorial Square and Womens' Rest, Napier 1928
Muir && Moodie 4021PC: Post and Government Offices, Napier  1911
FT 31: Hastings Street looking North
S M && Co.: Hastings St showing Post Office and Bank of New Zealand
FGR 3608: Emerson Street
FT33: Emerson Street, Napier
F Duncan FGR 3594: The Marine Parade, Napier
F Duncan FGR 3611: The Parade, Napier
F Duncan FGR 3568: The Marine Parade, Napier
F Duncan FGR 3618: The Parade, Napier
F Duncan FGR 3589: The Bluff, Napier
The Marine Parade, Napier  1933
The Parade, Napier
Fergusson Industria 1031: Marine Parade showing Troopers Memorial
F Duncan FGR 1742: The Parade, Napier
Fergusson Industria 876: Botanical Gardens
FT 757: Botanical Gardens (Whalley && Co. Photo)
'Industria' F.273: Masonic Hotel and Rotunda
Muir && Moodie 162P: Tennyson Street, 1910
McDougall: Municipal Baths, 1909
F Duncan FGR 1741: The Baths, Napier
Fergusson Industria 1032: Government Buildings
Tanner 426: PublicTrust Office
H & B: Shakespeare Road
Cathedral, Napier
FT 4376A: Napier Cathedral, West Transept  1908
Fergusson Industria F721: St. John's Cathedral, 1910
FGR 3574: Clive Square, Napier
FGR 3602: The Cathedral, Napier
Fergusson Industria F21: Bluff Hill
Chadwick: Napier Bluff, 1910
FGR 1910: The Breakwater
FGR 5030: The Breakwater, Napier
'Tourist' 8048: Napier-Taupo Road
Chadwick: Cape Kidnappers
McDougall 12: 'Tangoio Falls', 1911
Muir && Moodie 4039:  Highest Point Napier-Taupo  Rd. NZ - 3000 Ft.  A.S.L.; 1909
Tanner 4929: Poplar Avenue Napier-Hastings Road

A B Hurst 12: Napier Quake-Emerson Street afire
21: Dr. Moore's Hospital
Shattered Road 3-2-1931

Gisborne, Tolaga Bay
Beattie: Gisborne to Tolaga Bay Coach Service