5481: Panorama
5090: General View
F N Jones:  Nelson from Washington Valley
Unknown:  Nelson from Grampians
J W Jones:  Nelson Haven and Mount Arthur
Trafalgar Street, Nelson,  1941
M && M 2366: Trafalgar Street, Nelson; 1909
F N Jones: Trafalgar Street, Nelson
F N Jones: Trafalgar Street, Nelson  1924
FGR 2843: Trafalgar Street, Nelson
FJP 'Nelson' Series: Bridge Street, Nelson
F N Jones: Interior of Cathedral
F N Jones: Boys' College
F N Jones: Cathedral and Cawthron Steps
F N Jones: Nile Street East from Church Hill
F N Jones: New Cathedral, 1935
F N Jones: New Hospital, Nelson
F N Jones 516: Bird's Eye View of Nelson Haven
F N Jones Jnr.: 'Mapourika' Outward Bound, Nelson
F N Jones Jnr.: Trafalgar Street, Nelson  1908
View from Trafalgar Street Bridge, Nelson  1913
F N Jones: Anzac Park
F N Jones: Anzac Park
Queens Gardens
F N Jones: Queen's Gardens
4557: Queens Gardens
5493: Church Steps showing Cathedral
H E Lobb: Pole Ford Bridge, Maitai River
F N Jones:  Maitai River, Nelson
F N Jones:  A Crossing, Maitai River, Nelson
Jones: Breaker, Rocks Road, 1910
F N Jones:  The Rocks, Nelson  1917
F N Jones: At the Port, Nelson
F N Jones: Rocks Road
Jones: Haven Road, Nelson
Cable Station, Nelson
F N Jones:  On the Sand Hills, Tahuna, Nelson
F N Jones 539:  Surfing, Tahuna Beach, Nelson
C. Black: Post Office, Nelson,  1903
(Hop Picking, Ford's garden, Waimea West, 1917)
Nelson Area
F Duncan 7: Tarakohe Road
F Duncan 14: Tarakohe Wharf
F Duncan 47: Tarakohe Wharf
FT 'Glossine' 2521.A: Accident Point, Bealey Gorge
FGR 2904: Pelorus River
F Duncan: Pu Pu Springs, Takaka
F Duncan: Poharo Beach 4.
F Duncan: Poharo Beach 11
F Duncan: Poharo 12
Takaka Township
F Duncan 'Goodwin' Series 35: Totaranui
Collingwood:  'Barkly' towing 'Morning Light'
Akerston A5:  Junction Opouri and Ronga 1911 (1937)
F N Jones: Soldiers Memorial, Wakefield